Dentist Tips for a Healthy Halloween


It's that time of year again where we all love to dress up and eat a ton of candy! But what about your teeth? Eating too much Halloween candy can result in some serious dental problems for both kids and adults. Here are four easy-to-follow dentist tips from Glacier Creek Dental in Fort Collins for a healthy Halloween.


Brush and Floss

If you’re planning on eating some candy, be sure to brush and floss your teeth straight away afterward. Allowing the sugar to sit on your teeth for too long can have damaging effects. If for some reason you are unable to brush your teeth, chewing sugarless gum immediately after eating candy should help reduce the effects, which is better than nothing.


Avoid Too Much Sugar

It can be easy for both kids and adults to go all out on their bulk amounts of candy during Halloween. And, even with the candy aside, many people love to enjoy sugary drinks such as soda. It’s important to limit your family’s daily intake of sugary foods and drinks, and it’s definitely best if you give a limit to the number of pieces of candy everyone can eat per day during the Halloween season, too.


Drink Plenty of Water

To avoid the dehydrating effects of eating a lot of sugar, you and your kids will want to drink water throughout the day if you’re also planning on eating Halloween candy. While drinking plenty of water intermittently is important in general, it’s especially important if you’re planning on adding more sugar into your diet for a few days.


Limit Hard and Sticky Candy

While it may be tempting and one of your favorite types of candy, hard and sticky candies can cause major damage to your teeth. Even if you and your children are careful, you can risk chipping a tooth, breaking a crown, and more when accidentally biting on hard candies or over-doing the sticky candies, such as caramel.

We hope you enjoyed learning about keeping your teeth healthy this Halloween while still getting to enjoy candy during the holiday season. If you or your kids need a dentist appointment in the Fort Collins area, rely on us at Glacier Creek Dental! Book your appointment with us today.