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How Same Day Dentistry Differs from Conventional Treatment

There is a new hot topic in the field of dentistry today and it’s same day dentistry. More and more people are turning to dental practices that offer treatment that allows them to avoid the need for traditional impressions, temporaries and second appointments. More and more people are enjoying the time-saving benefits of fast, accurate in-house digital impressions and advanced laser-scanning technology. So just how, exactly, does same day dentistry differ from conventional treatment and why is it quickly becoming the preferred method of those seeking dental care? We explore those answers here.

What is Same-Day Dentistry

Like the name suggests, same-day dentistry procedures and systems are those that let you get a dental restoration with just one appointment. Instead of conventional treatments that require two or more visits to complete a restoration (crown or veneer) same-day dentistry allows you to complete the treatment in one appointment with advanced dental technology.

The Technology Behind Same-Day Dentistry

Technological advances over the last 30 years offer dentists tools to prepare and place a permanent crown in a single appointment. CEREC and E4D are specific brands of same-day dental software and equipment. They operate similarly, however there are a few differences. Fort Collins Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies dentists prefer the E4D Dental System, although it is not likely you’ll notice a difference in the result. A comfortable oral camera inserted in your mouth provides 3-D digital images of your tooth. The system’s ability to take fast, accurate in-house digital impressions with advanced laser-scanning technology provides your dentists clean, fast, digital scans in just a few minutes through a series of photographic images taken in the mouth. These images are used to digitally design your crown.

Following the gathering of the digital images and impression, the scanned information is then transferred to the design center where a 3D model of the tooth is created chairside. A sophisticated milling machine creates your crown in just minutes from a single piece of porcelain. Drs. Willey and Murri can then design and customize the restoration to fit your unique characteristics, after which it is created in a milling unit right in the our dental office while you wait, eliminating the need for a second visit for placement. Your restorations will look and feel completely natural.

Why Would I Need Same-Day Dentistry?

Do you have a broken tooth, severe decay, cosmetic concerns, or are undergoing root canal treatment? If you fall into any of these categories, chances are you will need a dental crown. A dental crown is a hard, protective covering for an injured tooth. It restores the tooth’s shape and strength while enhancing its appearance and functionality for eating and speaking. If you are considering having a veneer placed to correct a cosmetic problem with one or more of your teeth, you would also be a candidate for a same-day dentistry procedure.

How Same Day Dentistry Differs from Conventional Dentistry

Same day dentistry incorporates an E4D Dentist System so you can enjoy benefits not available from conventional treatment:

  • Same day appointment dentistry for your convenience
  • Safe and simple dental procedure
  • Advanced laser technology to provide extremely accurate results and better dental care
  • No need for temporary tooth/teeth or the complications they can bring
  • Perfect for crowns, veneers, fillings inlays and onlays
  • No need for the traditionally unpleasant and messy impression materials
  • No need to wait weeks for the permanent crown
  • No need to reschedule if a crown doesn’t fit that came in from a lab
  • Greater precision
  • Digital scans
  • Beautiful results

What Does Same-Day Dentistry Offer That Conventional Doesn’t?

With the conventional dentistry, restoring a tooth often took two appointments. The dentist would make molds of your teeth on the first visit and order the restoration appliance for placing it on the next visit, usually weeks later. Same-day dentistry allows your dentist to treat you immediately. Consider the situation of having to have an emergency extraction of a painful, fractured tooth. In the past, you would have the tooth removed in one appointment and then have to wait for a subsequent appointment to have an implant created and placed. But now, with the advances of same-day dentistry, your dentist can remove the injured tooth and create an replacement implant with the E4D Dentist System and place the restoration that same day. Same day dentistry not only saves you time, but it also saves you the inconvenience of being without a necessary tooth in your mouth.

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