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Invest In Invisalign for Your Teen

Did you know that we offer orthodontic care services such as Invisalign at our office? We know that a healthy mouth starts with proper oral hygiene coupled with excellent dental care. We also know that great oral health also comes from proper tooth alignment. A straighter smile helps the mouth to be healthier and reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. What is one of the best ways we have found to straighten the teeth? Invisalign transparent aligners! This option is perfect for your teenager and can help them have that added boost of confidence that a straight smile brings. Find out all the benefits Invisalign can have for your teen today!

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a series of transparent aligners that work to straighten your teeth much like traditional metal braces. Depending on your custom plan, you will change your aligners every two weeks or every week. You will receive your set of pre-molded, ready-to wear aligners as you need them until your treatment is complete. Invisalign’s clear, durable plastic will gently shift your teeth into place and generally does so with less pain than regular braces. We recommend wearing the transparent aligners between 20-22 hours per day. Only remove them when you need to for sports, eating, cleaning and activities that are similar.

At your dental visit for Invisalign, the dentist will take 3D digital images of your teeth. You may also receive a physical impression as well. These images will allow a custom plan to be mapped out with exact movements of your teeth and the amount of time your full straightening treatment will be. You will know what your treatment plan is from start to finish. Invisalign is made with a material called SmartTrack. It’s transparent and the aligners fit snug over your teeth. Most people won’t even know you have the aligners, which is why they are so popular with teens and adults.

The Power of a Straight Smile

Your smile is one of the first things people see. What kind of impression are you leaving? Studies have shown that one of the top features people remember about a person is their smile. Invisalign has conducted studies on straight smiles and how powerful they can be. In one such study, more than 2,000 people on the street were asked to choose between two photos of people. Who appeared more confident? Who appeared more trustworthy? How has having straight teeth themselves affected their lives? The results were quite amazing.

Around 70% of the time, those with straighter smiles were perceived as more confident, successful, trustworthy and attractive. About 80% of the people surveyed also stated that straightening their teeth was one of the most important decisions they have made. This all came back to the confidence a straighter smile can give you. In both teens and adults alike, those who receive orthodontic care to better their teeth are generally more confident and that confidence stays with them through the years.

Invest In Invisalign for Your Teen

Why should you invest in straighter teeth? Straight teeth bring many health benefits that crooked teeth just can’t achieve as easily. When the teeth are straighter, it lowers your chance for tooth decay. The teeth are much easier to clean, especially between each one. This can lower the risk for cavities between the teeth, which is all too common. Teeth that are too crowded, or too widely spaced, can also cause problems with the gums. With straight teeth, the gums can fit snug around each tooth. With crooked teeth, the gums don’t fit snug and can become swollen, red and irritated. These are also signs of gum disease. Gum disease usually stems from not taking care of the teeth properly, which is also harder to do with crooked teeth. With severe gum disease, the gums begin to recede from the teeth and the teeth can eventually fall out.

Additional Benefits of Invisalign

Besides the benefits of lowering your risk for tooth decay and gum disease, Invisalign transparent aligners look better than a mouth full of metal! Your teen can straighten their smile without anyone else ever knowing! No longer do they have to worry about their appearance when it comes to straightening their teeth. Invisalign is also amazing for teens who are athletes, as the transparent aligners can be removed for playing sports. Your teen can eat what they want, when they want by simply removing the aligners. Plus, cleaning is a cinch, as you can clean your teeth just as you’ve always done.

Choose Invisalign Today

If your teen wants straighter teeth, a healthier mouth and a better bite without the metal wires and brackets, Invisalign is perfect for them! Invisalign is discrete, convenient, comfortable and affordable. To learn more about these transparent braces and if they are a good fit for your teen or even yourself, call our Smile Fort Collins office today at (970) 223-8425!