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Having been the trusted dental care provider of all Fort Collins residents for more than 50 years, Glacier Creek Dental stands out among other dental practices. There are several reasons for that, and we’ll go over four of them today.


We Are Local

Glacier Creek Dental has been serving Fort Collins, Laporte, Wellington, and many other areas of Colorado for more than 50 years. We are a community-focused, local practice aimed at ensuring the wellbeing of our patients. When you choose our services, we make sure you understand each and every aspect of our procedures. This way, we hope to build a bond of trust with our patients.


We Provide Comprehensive Dental Care

In addition to being true to our area, another main reason for choosing Glacier Creek Dental is our comprehensive dental care. We use advanced state-of-the-art technologies like 3D imaging and top-tier software to ensure the best possible dental treatment you can get. Moreover, we offer tons of services such as implants, teeth whitening, root canals, and much more.


We Are an Invisalign Preferred Provider

Having been in the dental industry for so long, Glacier Creek Dental is not only a Certified Invisalign Provider but also a Preferred Provider. This title is only awarded to practices for treating 100 lifetime cases and 50 cases a year. This also means that we’re in the top 5% of Invisalign providers in the entire US. Thanks to our decades of experience, we can ensure that you and your teeth are in the right place!


We Accept Most Major Insurances

In order to make dental care more convenient and affordable for you, Glacier Creek Dental works with most of the biggest insurance companies out there. For instance, we are connected with Delta, Cigna, GEHA, Guardian, Metlife, Aetna, and more. Furthermore, there’s a variety of other payment options you can choose from as well.

We are a community-focused dental practice that provides comprehensive dental care, accepts most major insurances, and is an Invisalign Preferred Provider. These are only a handful of reasons why you should choose Glacier Creek Dental. Learn more at our website and get in touch with us today!

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